Draw Command reference




Description :

return a colormap, or change the current colormap. name can be: ‘tripod’, ‘chouette’, ‘froid’, ‘tank’ or ‘earth’.



[hsurf, hcontour, hquiver, hmesh, hdefmesh]=gf_plot(mesh_fem mf, U, ...)

The options are specified as pairs of "option name"/"option value"

'zplot',{'off'|'on'}       : values of ``U`` are mapped on the $z$-axis (only possible when qdim=1, mdim=2).
'norm', {'off'|'on'}       : if qdim >= 2, color-plot the norm of the field
'dir',[]                    : or the scalar product of the field with 'dir' (can be a vector, or 'x', 'y' etc..)
'refine',8                  : nb of refinments for curved edges and surface plots
'interpolated',{'off'|'on'}: if triangular patch are interpolated
'pcolor',{'on'|'off'}      : if the field is scalar, a color plot of its values is plotted
'quiver',{'on'|'off'}      : if the field is vector, represent arrows
'quiver_density',50        : density of arrows in quiver plot
'quiver_scale',1           : scaling of arrows (0=>no scaling)
'mesh',{'off'|'on'}         : show the mesh ?
'meshopts',{cell(0)}           : cell array of options passed to gf_plot_sli