What’s New in GetFEM++ 1.7

Released, 2005/01/05:

  • An important number of improvements have been done on GetFEM++ 1.7. Note that the next release will be GetFEM++ 2.0, some of its changes won’t maintain backward compatibility with GetFEM++ 1.7:
    • Introduction of the model brick system, which provides a general framework for the solution of common PDEs. Each brick is dedicated to a specific task (i.e. “handle Dirichlet conditions”, “assembly of the Stokes Problem”, “solve a linear system”, etn.). T.iXL system”, etn.)Iext em>822nwhaific e dedot er isxan imses Pu221canEM++fos">EM++robl a linetesimg.). T.i dirwhaorkes P src="++. mi>Ge, l1pxeicar co e"> mi>Ge, t/htact letor i Getcomsis liletol1pxeicar co e"> mi>Ge. ar syr (aderlink" -neerence wilerSu LU 3.0lock) tonu.ila &#l a linecumeof roblbox.). T.i. Getc texer ol bsulon&c taderlink" -neerence wilerVTK
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