class Integ(*args)

GeFEM Integ object

General object for obtaining handles to various integrations methods on convexes (used when the elementary matrices are built).

General constructor for Integ objects

  • I = Integ(string method) Here is a list of some integration methods defined in getfem++ (see the description of finite element and integration methods for a complete reference):

    • IM_EXACT_SIMPLEX(n) : Exact integration on simplices (works only with linear geometric transformations and PK Fem’s).
    • IM_PRODUCT(A,B) : Product of two integration methods.
    • IM_EXACT_PARALLELEPIPED(n) : Exact integration on parallelepipeds.
    • IM_EXACT_PRISM(n) : Exact integration on prisms.
    • IM_GAUSS1D(k) : Gauss method on the segment, order k=1,3,...,99.
    • IM_NC(n,k) : Newton-Cotes approximative integration on simplexes, order k.
    • IM_NC_PARALLELEPIPED(n,k) : Product of Newton-Cotes integration on parallelepipeds.
    • IM_NC_PRISM(n,k) : Product of Newton-Cotes integration on prisms.
    • IM_GAUSS_PARALLELEPIPED(n,k) : Product of Gauss1D integration on parallelepipeds.
    • IM_TRIANGLE(k) : Gauss methods on triangles k=1,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,13,17,19.
    • IM_QUAD(k) : Gauss methods on quadrilaterons k=2,3,5, ...,17. Note that IM_GAUSS_PARALLELEPIPED should be prefered for QK Fem’s.
    • IM_TETRAHEDRON(k) : Gauss methods on tetrahedrons k=1,2,3,5,6 or 8.
    • IM_SIMPLEX4D(3) : Gauss method on a 4-dimensional simplex.
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