gf_mesh_im_set(mesh_im MI, 'integ',{integ im|int im_degree}[, ivec CVids])
gf_mesh_im_set(mesh_im MI, 'adapt')

Description :

General function for modifying mesh_im objects

Command list :

gf_mesh_im_set(mesh_im MI, 'integ',{integ im|int im_degree}[, ivec CVids])

Set the integration method.

Assign an integration method to all convexes whose #ids are listed in <literal>CVids</literal>. If <literal>CVids</literal> is not given, the integration is assigned to all convexes. It is possible to assign a specific integration method with an integration method handle <literal>im</literal> obtained via gf_integ(‘IM_SOMETHING’), or to let getfem choose a suitable integration method with <literal>im_degree</literal> (choosen such that polynomials of <latex style=”text”><![CDATA[text{degree} leq text{im_degree}]]></latex> are exactly integrated. If <literal>im_degree=-1</literal>, then the dummy integration method IM_NONE will be used.)

gf_mesh_im_set(mesh_im MI, 'adapt')

For a mesh_im levelset object only. Adapt the integration methods to a change of the levelset function.

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