Fourier-Robin brickΒΆ

This brick can be used to add boundary conditions of Fourier-Robin type like:

\frac{\partial u}{\partial \nu} = Qu

for scalar problems, or

\sigma\cdot \nu = Qu

for linearized elasticity problems. Q is a scalar field in the scalar case or a matrix field in the vectorial case. This brick works for both real or complex terms in scalar or vectorial problems.

The function adding this brick to a model is:

add_Fourier_Robin_brick(md, mim, varname, dataexpr, region);

where dataexpr is the data of the model which represents the coefficient Q. It can be an arbitrary valid expression of the high-level generic assembly language (except for the complex version for which it should be a data of the model)

Note that an additional right hand side can be added with a source term brick.

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