Basic Usage of GetFEM

A GetFEM structure can be summarized as follows


A program using getfem will often have the following structure

... define one or more Mesh

... define one or more MeshFem

... define one or more MeshIm

... define a Model and set it up:

    Model.add_fem_variable(MeshFem, "some variable name")

    Model.add_fem_variable(MeshFem, "another variable name")

    Model.add_fem_data(MeshFem, "some data name")

                             "copy & paste your PDE weak formulation here", MeshRegion)


Note that instead of defining your pde terms with GWFL, the generic weak form language (see Compute arbitrary terms - high-level generic assembly procedures - Generic Weak-Form Language (GWFL) for more details on the syntax of the weak form language), you can use predefined bricks for standard terms : generic elliptic term, linearized or finite strain elasticity, standard boundary conditions …