Miscellaneous algorithms


A set of miscellaneous basic algorithms and definitions used in GetFEM.


File(s) Description
bgeot_comma_init.h Allow to init container with a list of values, from boost init.hpp.
bgeot_ftool.h and bgeot_ftool.cc Small language allowing to read a parameter file with a Matlab syntax like. Used also for structured meshes.
bgeot_kdtree.h and bgeot_kdtree.cc Balanced N-dimensional tree. Store a list of points and allows a quick search of points lying in a given box.
bgeot_rtree.h and bgeot_rtree.cc Rectangle tree. Store a list of N-dimensional rectangles and allows a quick search of rectangles containing a given point.
permutations.h Allows to iterate on permutations. Only used in getfem_integration.cc.
bgeot_small_vector.h and bgeot_small_vector.cc Defines a vector of low dimension mainly used to represent mesh nodes. Optimized operations.
bgeot_tensor.h Arbitrary order tensor. Used in assembly.
bgeot_sparse_tensors.h and bgeot_sparse_tensors.cc Arbitrary order sparse tensor. Used in the low-level generic assembly.
getfem_omp.h and getfem_omp.cc Tools for multithreaded, OpenMP and Boost based parallelization.
getfem_export.h and getfem_export.cc Export in pos and vtk formats
getfem_superlu.h and getfem_superlu.cc Interface with Superlu (the included version or an external one)