Model module


Describe a model (variable, data and equation terms linking the variables).


File(s) Description
getfem_models.h and Defines the object models, its internal and the standard bricks (linear elasticity, generic elliptic brick, Dirichlet boundary conditions …).
getfem_model_solvers.h and Defines the the standard solvers for the model object.
getfem_contact_and_friction_common.h and Common algorithms for contact/friction conditions on deformable bodies
getfem_contact_and_friction_integral.h and Small sliding contact/friction bricks of integral type.
getfem_contact_and_friction_large_sliding.h and Large sliding contact/friction bricks.
getfem_contact_and_friction_nodal.h and Small sliding nodal contact/friction bricks.
getfem_Navier_Stokes.h An attempt for Navier-Stokes bricks. To be improved.
getfem_fourth_order.h and Bilaplacian and Kirchhoff-Love plate bricks
getfem_linearized_plates.h and Mindlin-Reissner plate brick
getfem_nonlinear_elasticity.h and Large deformation elasticity bricks.
getfem_plasticity.h and Plasticity bricks.


Constant evolution to includes next models.


More plate, load and shell bricks, plasticity in large deformation, …