class MesherObject(*args)

GetFEM MesherObject object

This object represents a geometric object to be meshed by the experimental meshing procedure of Getfem.

General constructor for MesherObject objects

  • MF = MesherObject('ball', vec center, scalar radius) Represents a ball of corresponding center and radius.
  • MF = MesherObject('half space', vec origin, vec normal_vector) Represents an half space delimited by the plane which contains the origin and normal to normal_vector. The selected part is the part in the direction of the normal vector. This allows to cut a geometry with a plane for instance to build a polygon or a polyhedron.
  • MF = MesherObject('cylinder', vec origin, vec n, scalar length, scalar radius) Represents a cylinder (in any dimension) of a certain radius whose axis is determined by the origin, a vector n and a certain length.
  • MF = MesherObject('cone', vec origin, vec n, scalar length, scalar half_angle) Represents a cone (in any dimension) of a certain half-angle (in radians) whose axis is determined by the origin, a vector n and a certain length.
  • MF = MesherObject('torus', scalar R, scalar r) Represents a torus in 3d of axis along the z axis with a great radius equal to R and small radius equal to r. For the moment, the possibility to change the axis is not given.
  • MF = MesherObject('rectangle', vec rmin, vec rmax) Represents a rectangle (or parallelepiped in 3D) parallel to the axes.
  • MF = MesherObject('intersect', MesherObject object1 , MesherObject object2, ...) Intersection of several objects.
  • MF = MesherObject('union', MesherObject object1 , MesherObject object2, ...) Union of several objects.
  • MF = MesherObject('set minus', MesherObject object1 , MesherObject object2) Geometric object being object1 minus object2.

Output a (unique) string representation of the MesherObject.

This can be used to perform comparisons between two different MesherObject objects. This function is to be completed.


displays a short summary for a MesherObject object.