What’s New in GetFEM 2.0

Released, 2006/03/20:

  • This is a major update to GetFEM, which make some backward-incompatible changes:
    • The old mesh_fem has been split into two disjoint classes: mesh_fem which handles all that is related to FEM, and mesh_im which handles the integration methods on a mesh.
    • The old getfem::getfem_mesh class has been renamed to getfem::mesh.
    • The “boundaries” which were attached to a mesh_fem in previous versions, are now attached to a mesh, and they are now called “regions” (because they can stored boundaries, and also sets of convexes).
    • The model bricks have been reworked – especially the Dirichlet conditions.
  • Some news features have been introduced in this release:
    • Introduction of level-set objects. Integration methods can be cut with respect to these level-set and discontinuous elements across the level-set are provided.
    • Parallelization of the assembly.
    • Interface to MUMPS.
    • Many news elements, Hermite and vectorial elements are now fully supported: 1D, 2D and 3D hermite, Argyris triangle, HCT triangle, RT0 and Nedelec elements are now available.
    • Automatic mesh refinement.

Major changes for the matlab and python interface: they follow the changes that occured in GetFEM. An interface to the GetFEM model bricks has been added.