What’s New in GetFEM 4.2

The New brick system is now mature and several coupling bricks has been developed.

Released version, 2012/08/02.

The main changes are:

  • The license of GetFEM has moved to LGPL 3 with GCC Runtime Exception allowing commercial codes to use Getfem.
  • Contact/friction bricks has been extended to non-matching meshes and to integral contact condition with different augmentations (Alart Curnier, De Saxce projection, augmented multipliers) (work of Konstantinos Poulios and Yves Renard). A large sliding contact brick is in progress.
  • A complete tool to perform continuation of the solution to a model with respect to one of its parameter and to detect bifurcation has been developed by Tomas Ligursky.
  • Some additional model bricks : pointwise constraint brick (to prescribe a constraint on a point eventually inside an element), basic nonlinear brick (for instance, for semi-linear equations).
  • It is now possible to solve a model with respect to a subset of variables.
  • The experimental mesher of Getfem is now (partially) interfaced with python/scilab/matlab.
  • Some tools to verify the consistency (tangent term) of a brick or the whole model has been added.
  • Many bug fixes.