What’s New in GetFEM 4.1

After GetFEM 4.0, which introduced the new brick system and a significant change of the mesh_fem object, the 4.1 release consists mainly in the stabilization and the completion of the new brick system. The main changes are:

Released version, 2010/07/18:

  • The following bricks have been rewritten in the new format:
    nonlinear elasticity, bilaplacian, unilateral contact and Coulomb friction (still in progress with the help of Konstantinos Poulios), elastoplasticity.
  • A fully working and documented Scilab interface with the same graphical post-treatment utilities than the Matlab one has been built by Yann Collette. Very important contribution.
  • An important internal modification of the Python/Scilab/Matlab interface has been performed mainly in order to simplify the add of new methods or commands. There is now a unique source which are the gf_*.cc files. All the documentations and command files (mfiles and python file) are produced automatically.
  • The official documentation is now the one in doc/sphinx. Thank you to Luis Saavedra for is important work to re-write the main part of the documentations into the sphinx/rst format. Documentation for the interfaces are now fully automatic.
  • A convection scheme based on Characteristic Galerkin method has been added. Useful to update the level-sets.
  • Muparser can now be used to specify some parametrable enrichments in Xfem. A contribution of Luis Saavedra.