What’s New in GetFEM 3.0

Not so many changes, but some of them are incompatible with GetFEM 2.0:

Released, 2007/06/27:

  • The GetFEM and Gmm++ header files have been moved into their respective subdirectories. So, as a consequence, the include directives have to be updated:
    • #include "gmm_xxx.h" should be replaced with #include "gmm/gmm_xxx.h"
    • #include "getfem_xxx.h" should be replaced with #include "getfem/getfem_xxx.h"
  • The GetFEM interface (Python and Matlab) is now included in the GetFEM tar.gz file, in the interface subdirectory. They can be enabled with the --enable-python or --enable-matlab switch of the configure script.
  • Some C1 composite elements have been added (triangles and quadrilaterals).
  • Levelset support has been improved.

The full list of changes is available in the ChangeLog.